• Tech-Zone Jersey Device Delivery/Return

    Arrange a return of a device to your Home/Office after its repair/service
  • Info about you:
  • Return details

    Your address & day of return
  • We will send a team member to drop off your device. Please read and understand the following:

    We can return your device to anywhere on the Island at no extra charge to you. All returns are made in the evening OR if we become close to your address when collecting/delivery another device in your area.

    • Please remember to keep your distance during the drop-off
    • We will provide you with manufacture approved 70% alcohol cleaning wipes to aid any further sanitizing you wish to implement. We will provide 2, please let us know if you require any more.

    Here will be the return process:

    1. You will be phoned when we have arrived and both parties can make a tailored solution. An example would be: we would place your device on the ground on the doorstep and you will be able to pick up the device using gloves etc.
    2. Your device will already be disinfected but please take your own measures when you get the device back.
    3. All payments can be made via BAC's or PayPal - We will not accept card payment over the phone/in-person or cash as this will involve too much contact. Please opt for BAC's as PayPal fees eat into our profits.

    Please understand our terms and conditions as by requesting this service you will be bound by them.

    Your selected day of return above is NOT guaranteed and we will let you know if we cannot return that day. Please phone us if you must have it urgently and we will assist where possible.

    Tech-Zone Terms & Conditions

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